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Spring and early Summer

October, November and December are months which do not see much fishing activity. The success rate for the day’s fishing is extremely high. The weather is changeable at this time of year, and can be wet, but the rewards are fantastic.


January, February and March are the most popular months to fish, with day temperatures in the twenties (degrees C), that is 70 degrees F, and night time being around 15 degrees C (60 degrees F). The dry fly comes into its own during this period, with February generally being terrestrial month. Remember to bring dull or drab colour clothing and floating lines, because we endeavour to sight and stalk the individual trout in our gin clear water.


New Zealand’s North Island is situated in a mid latitude zone (35-41 degrees south) with most of our weather patterns coming from the Tasman Sea in the form of anticyclones and troughs. Our prevailing wind in the Central North Island is a north westerly. Lake Taupo is at the base of the volcanic Central Plateau at 353m above sea level. Our average seasonal temperatures and rainfall are set out below.

  Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Average rainfall (mm) 90 over 8 days 81 over 8 days 104 over 11 days 92 over 11 days
Average daytime temperatures (Celsius) 11-25 8-18 3-12 7-17