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Steve Yerex's Hunting Legacy

Born in 1962, I was very fortunate to inherit the surname Yerex. “Deer” and “Yerex” are very much connected in New Zealand. My grandfather, George Yerex, otherwise known as the Skipper, started the deer culling campaign in the ’30s for the Internal Affairs Department. My father David Yerex, a hunter and author, wrote several books on deer farming. Hunting has always been a part of my life and I enjoy being able to provide hunters with a quality free range hunt, mostly on private property, in the hill country of the central North Island.

New Zealand Hunting Species

There are a choice of several species of big game animals within New Zealand, introduced within the last 150 years from as far away as Germany, Japan and England. All have thrived here, making New Zealand a desired destination for the keen hunter.

I guide the central North Island forests and open grassy tops, which are home to both Sika Deer and Red Deer. We have no closed season—they may be hunted all year. However, the best time to hunt these species is in the roar or rut, which for the Red Deer is late March to late April, and for Sika mid April to late May.

I really enjoy taking out and encouraging young hunters on small game hunts, an excellent way for father and son to spend time hunting together.

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I can provide most equipment needed, but please contact me to discuss your hunting desires, timeframes and all aspects of your trip.